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Green Thumbs Up

Last Updated: Friday, July 10th, 2015

Plants help turn a house into a home. Sprucing up your rooms with house plants creates vitality and brings a piece of outside, inside. Plants are like pets – we care for them and watch them grow so when it comes to moving, we want to make sure they stay happy and healthy.


When it comes to moving, our greenery needs some special TLC. Take stock before your moving day and decide which plants are hardy enough to make the move with you and which ones you’ll have to gift to the neighbours.


We’ve put together five pointers to make sure your plants get to their new home in one piece:


Open Boxes

First step is to line some boxes with newspaper, then pack your plants into the box, leaving the lid open. Butting the pots together will help stabilise your plants. Place the boxes on the floor in your car and remember when you’re driving – you’ve got fragile passengers.


Don’t Crack Up

You’ve decided to take your big plants to your new home. Before moving day, take some time to look over each pot and check that they’re not cracked or unstable. Whether they’re stone, earthenware or concrete, they’ve got to be

strong enough to be bumped and bruised.


Tree Moves

It’s your favourite lime tree and you just can’t bear to leave it behind. Worry not – a 2-3 year old tree can be moved with a shovel. First, dig out the root system, then place the tree on a sheet of damp hessian and form a wrapping around the roots. If you’re travelling a long way, as well as wrapping the roots, wrap hessian around the trunk of the tree as well.


Plant Priority

On moving day, you’ll be frantically flapping around like a headless chook. With so many things to think about, make a note to remember your plants. They’re living things and you’ll need to make them a priority when you get to your destination. If you’re too busy to plant straight away, just dig a hole and cover the roots until you have time to plant properly.


Clip Before Your Trip

You’ve built up your existing garden to a point of pride. To make use of the fruits of your labour, make sure to take some cuttings before you go. Buy some floral tubes, fill them with water, put your clippings in and put the cap on. This is a sure safe way to get your new garden started.

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