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Why choose Smoothmoves?

Not all removalist businesses are made the same. Some Sydney movers focus on interstate moves, others overseas, while we focus on residential and office relocations. With over a decade of experience relocating people all over Sydney, we’ve seen the common issues many residents face while moving home or relocating to a new office–inexperience, lack of care, efficiency, poor communication, underquoting only to overcharge, and many more.

To ensure you get a smooth move every time, we provide the following services to all our customers:

On-site Storage Facilities
Box Hire
Packing & Unpacking
House Cleaning
Home Organisation

Plus, we’re fully insured, and we maintain an environmental policy to minimise the influence of our operations on the environment and the communities within which we operate.

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How can we guarantee a smooth move?

Smoothmoves employs state-of-the-art equipment, 10 years of experience, and most importantly, muscles to make home moving or office removals as smooth as possible. Let us worry about the tight stairways, heavy white goods, and fragile homewares while you focus on settling in.

We use all the latest moving equipment from trolley with pneumatic tires, dollies, semi dollies, lint free furniture blankets, shoulder straps, shrink wrap, plastics, international bubble wrap and Double ply thick moving boxes.

Can I use Smoothmoves for renovation moves, temporary storage etc?

Absolutely! Smoothmoves offers a whole range of services to complement our home and office removals.

Self Storage
Box Hire
Packing & Unpacking
House Cleaning
Home Organisation

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Is Smoothmoves accredited in any way?

We are members of Self Storage Association and are currently undergoing the accreditation to become members of AFRA

Where is Smoothmoves located? What’s our service area?

We offer fully insured end-to-end expert home moving and office removals across Sydney. Our head offices are in Brookvale, but we service all over Greater Sydney including the Central Coast, the South Coast towards Wollongong, and even Canberra, plus the Blue Mountains.

What times is Smoothmoves available to complete my job? I work 9-5, is there a way to move outside of these hours?

Smoothmoves works Monday to Saturday from 7 am until your move is complete. We recommend you take the day off to oversee your move and provide access to each property. If you are unavailable, we will have someone oversee your move from start to finish. Just call us to have a commitment-free chat about your move.

When’s the best time to call Smoothmoves? Do I need to give time in advance?

Call us directly during business hours, or shoot us an email any time. If you’re calling out of hours, please leave us a detailed message with your name and phone number, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to organise your smooth move. You can also reach out to us on our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also visit our website for a quick removals quote.

Does Smoothmoves charge a call-out fee?

Yes. All our moves are charged the same call-out fee up-front. That means no bill shock at the end of your move. You know exactly how much the charge is from the get-go.

How does Smoothmoves calculate my quote?

Our quoting process is completed by our sales professionals, each with years of experience determining your move’s overall cost. At Smoothmoves, we do not offer fixed quotes. As experienced as we are, things do happen that impact your move. How much your move will cost depends on what you need to be moved, the access at your load/unload address, and how packed and prepared you are. Once you contact our friendly staff, they will ask you a few questions to understand your moving requirements. Then we can determine the resources needed to complete your move. Is a two-person team required? Or a combination of helpers and trucks to get you moved smoothly. We’ll handle all the logistics.

For more handy tips, check out our Ultimate Packing Guide for Moving.

What happens when you hire Smoothmoves? What’s the moving process like?

Once you’ve received a confirmation email on your moving date, a typical Smoothmove is as follows:

– An SMS reminder is sent to your phone the day before the moving date
– The average move requires only a two-person unit and a truck to load and unload your belongings. More assistance can be arranged for larger removals.
– Constant communication, e.g. arrival time, delays due to traffic etc.
– Furniture, large household items and fragile items are wrapped for protection using furniture blankets, bubble wrap and shrink wrap
– Belongings are transported to the new location and unloaded

Our home removals service takes the stress of moving day. With our packing and unpacking services, your new home will be warm and welcoming in no time.

I have a tricky moving situation – can Smoothmoves work with this?

Unique? Tricky? Weird? With over 15 years of experience, there’s nothing we haven’t seen relocating people all over Sydney. Give us a call to discuss your moving situation.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your valuables, consider taking out moving insurance. Visit our Removals Insurance page for more information.

I have a lot of stuff to move, can I get a discount?

Smoothmoves are flexible packers and movers that operate all over Sydney, which means we know a thing or two about providing a tailored service to ensure you get the smoothest move possible at a competitive price. No two moves are the same, so be sure to talk to us about your requirements, and we can give you a free quote for our services.

Do I need to supply my own packing materials?

We have a fully stocked moving shop with all the boxes for hire and packing materials you could ever need. And best of all, we can deliver direct free of charge.

Can I hire removal boxes from Smoothmoves?

We have the best moving boxes and plenty of them!

With Smoothmoves, you can order as many boxes as you need, and any that you don’t use won’t be charged. We even offer second-hand moving boxes for hire that are kinder to the environment and your wallet. Plus, any box you return in good condition to our Brookvale Smoothmoves Depot, we’ll refund you 50% of the cost!

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When does the Smoothmoves service start?

We don’t start charging you until we’re on-site and ready to go. We offer home and office removals from Monday to Saturday from 7 AM. Once our team has parked the truck and it’s safe to start loading your goods, your move will begin. And the best part is, Smoothmoves doesn’t stop until everything is relocated to your new home or office.

How much street parking and accessibility do I need on the day?

Depending on the size of the truck, you could need anywhere between two to four car spaces. We’ll let you know the exact dimensions of the truck ahead of time. Just be mindful of overhanging trees or powerlines as our trucks are all 3.4m tall.

Can myself or my mates help with the moving process?

As the old saying goes, “many hands make light work”. Go for it!

How does Smoothmoves protect my stuff during the move?

From boxing up homewares, personal belongings, or packing away furniture, Smoothmoves will take good care of your belongings for the journey to your new home.

For every move, we have access to a range of different packing and unpacking removalists equipment, including:

– two-ply moving boxes
– furniture blankets
– shrink wrap
– bubble wrap
– packing tape

Plus, a whole host of secret tricks of the trade that can only be learned through on-the-job experience.

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Can Smoothmoves pack and unpack my furniture?

Smoothmoves offers a complete packing and unpacking service for all our customers. Check out our packing and unpacking service page here!

How much stuff can Smoothmoves move at a time?

We can move anything from a single item to entire households and multi-level offices.

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