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Do I Need Removalist Insurance?

Moving puts your furniture and goods in a high-risk situation. Remember furniture was not designed to be transported in a truck by Removalists. That is why it would be worth considering removalist insurance. Many people forego the cost of insurance in their move, but the reality is that even Smoothmoves acknowledge that there is a risk in moving furniture around in trucks – for both short and long distances.

Smoothmoves Relocations takes insurance seriously and this is why we have covered ourselves against Public Liability, Workers Compensation, Comprehensive Third Party motor vehicle insurance, and fire, flood, collision, and overturning insurance. Please see our Insurance page for more details.

You may have already had home & contents insurance however you may discover your current household contents insurance policy is designed for low risk and does not cover transportation.

Goods in transit insurance cover household items from when they leave one house and are installed in the new house. This type of insurance can be arranged by Smoothmoves insurance broker or an insurer of your choice.

Transit insurance will incur different premiums depending on your location, how far you are moving, the items you wish to insure etc.

You will need to determine whether you require full or restricted cover. Full cover is more comprehensive but more expensive, while restrictive cover only looks at certain events.

Something to remember – If you have packed your items yourself, you will need to take responsibility for any breakage or damage to them.

If you would like to contact Smoothmoves insurance broker, please see details below:

Sean Morriss

Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Limited


ABN 81 072 343 643

Australian Financial Services Licence No 240549

Authorised Representative No 262201

Phone : 02 81983468

Fax : 02 99541809

Mobile : 0407 891513

Email :

Web :


For full policy details, see Insurance.

Can I Hire Removal Boxes from Smoothmoves? | 50% Off Boxes

Yes, you can hire removal boxes.

Buying boxes, especially if you need a lot can get expensive this is where hire removal boxes come in.  Not to mention the hassle of storing them until your next move. It’s a lot of money to waste. As an alternative to buying boxes, Smoothmoves also lets you hire removal boxes. This way you can still use quality boxes at a fraction of the price without having to store them or worry about how many you’ve used because of the high costs.

Here’s how it works. Smoothmoves will deliver 2ply heavy-duty boxes to your home, along with the other packing materials as required. Once you have moved and are all unpacked, Smoothmoves will pick up the boxes for you free of charge if you’re within our Sydney delivery area.

For a 50% discount, simply deliver your flat-packed and de-taped boxes in good condition to our Smoothmoves Depot in Brookvale and the refund is yours.

Not only does this save you money, but is great for the environment.
Can’t be bothered packing or unpacking? Smoothmoves offers a packing & unpacking service that is sure to make your move a smooth one.
Call us for a quote today for a smooth move guaranteed!

Choosing a Removals Company Sydney: whats the difference?

Let’s be honest, we all know it’s very easy for 2 guys to put up a website, hire a moving truck and call themselves a removals company in Sydney.  Many people across Australia have already done just this. However, there are many great companies as well but you need to know how to distinguish between them without getting miss-led.

As one of the largest and well-known moving companies in Sydney, we’ve heard all the stories. Common issues people face when hiring movers is that even ones that look reputable are untrained or inexperienced removalists without the right equipment or quoting cheap hourly rates to secure a job only to take twice as long.

The best way to avoid these issues is by asking the right questions.
What kind of training do your staff have?
How long have they been working with you?
Can I get an accurate in-home quote?
What other services do you offer?
Do you have a guarantee?

Most of Sydney’s moving companies focus on the residential market, although there are many specialists from interstate, overseas, piano movers, etc. The difference with movers who focus on the residential market like Smoothmoves is the depth of additional services they offer, combined with the level of service provided.

You may require on-site storage facilities, packing or unpacking services, in-home estimates, 100% worry-free service, or simply staff who are friendly, courteous, and focused on making your day run smoothly.   Not all moving companies can offer this level of service.

Feel free to give us a call at Smoothmoves to discuss any questions you may have.

When Should I Book My Removalist Service?

The best time to book a removalist service is when you have confirmed the dates you are moving out of your home. Many customers don’t know where they will be moving to when they book with Smoothmoves. To make a stressful process as smooth as possible, it’s imperative you get a date locked so everything goes to plan.

The average move requires 2 men and a truck, regardless of whether you are moving around the corner or a few hours away. At Smoothmoves it doesn’t matter, you tell us the day you need our help and we’ll be there until all your belongings are safe in your new home, exactly the way you want it.

If you have any questions or would like to book your next move, get in touch with our friendly removalists today!

Costs to Consider When Moving A Piano

Expect additional costs from any removalist for extraordinary homewares. Pianos, pool tables, and all the wacky furniture you can think of all require a delicate and planned process.  Most pianos require a specialist moving company which Smoothmoves can help you with.  Piano’s usually have a lot of very high sentimental or monetary value so require special attention with specialised equipment, patience, planning and time to be moved properly and undamaged.

Pool tables are similar but many can be moved by your general moving companies since the main issue is the weight and awkwardness of moving a pool table, special equipment and talented experienced staff is required.

If you need a piano or pool table moved, there are many companies in Sydney to consider, however, if you give Smoothmoves a call we can walk you through the process and even provide other companies for comparison.

Give us a call on 1300 122 007, or contact us here for a commitment-free quote!

How Many Online Moving Quotes Should I Get?

To accurately determine how much you’ll need to spend for your next home moving service or office removal, you’ll need around 3 to get a clear picture but make sure they are 3 quotes from quality moving companies and not fly by night moving men.

Many moving companies charge different prices and its sometimes difficult to determine what you’re getting for your money.  Based on our experience, most companies & individuals looking to hire a someone will get 3 quotes.  The one thing to consider is how the rate is broken down (usually hourly). If you think about the costs involved in a move you can usually determine the quality of service you’ll receive.  If a company is quoting $80 an hour, you know you’ll get a broken-down truck with 2 criminals moving your furniture. This is a funny way of looking at it, but considering the costs involved this is all that can be afforded on a $80 per hour service after petrol, insurance, truck charges, salaries and operating costs for a business. It makes sense that people want the best deals, but underpaying can run you into problems.

The standard moving company with a good level of service, insurance & experienced staff will charge from $120-150 per hour including 2 men and a truck.  At this level you usually get 2 experienced movers who are insured which will save you on the hourly charge as they are usually more efficient and take less time but you also get a truck you know will get your belongings to your new home in one piece.

For a reasonable hourly rate Smoothmoves customers are happy to receive 1 quote as we offer a full-service, 5 star move Guaranteed.  Our services include storage, boxes, packing, unpacking and anything else you may need to make your move a smooth one.

Give us a call for an obligation-free quote on 1300 122 007, or contact us here!

Removalist Charges Sydney and Hidden Fees.

Most removalist rates in Sydney are hourly. This usually includes 2 men and a truck. The only other fee tends to be the call-out fee or depot fee. This is the fee charged between your home, where the job starts, and back to the removal companies depot after the job has ended.

Reputable professional removalists like Smoothmoves charge a standard “call-out” fee. this way you know what you’re paying up- front with no hidden charges. The advantage is that everyone pays the same price so it doesn’t matter how far our head office is from your home, regardless of whereabouts in Sydney you are.

The depot to depot fee is where people can sometimes be shocked. This is a fee removalists may charge you based on time spent travelling from the trucks depot or the removal companies head office, to your location. The further away they are from you, the more you’ll pay so be careful of this fee.

The only other thing to look out for is fly-by-night removal companies or removal companies that use untrained or inexperienced staff. They usually lour people in with low advertised rates but the additional time the inexperience takes, still ends up coming out of your pocket usually costing more than the reputable companies.

For a reliable service from professional removalists anywhere in Sydney, Smoothmoves is a great choice. We’ve been operating in the industry for the past decade to the satisfaction of many customers. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote!

Why Should I Hire a Moving Company?

Simply put, it’s to save yourself the backache and trouble of doing everything yourself. Smoothmoves has the state-of-the-art equipment, muscles, and experience to make home moving or office removals as smooth as possible. Let us worry about the tight stairways, heavy whitegoods, and fragile homewares while you focus on getting settled in.

Moving isn’t just about moving your belongings from one place to another, it’s about moving your life. You have a million other things to think about from signing real-estate documents, picking-up keys, organising kids and packing boxes. The list goes on!

With all these things on your plate, is it really worth the hassle of spending 2 days laboring to move when professionals could have finished in a few hours? All to save only a few hundred dollars? Most people don’t think so.

Contact us today for a commitment-free quote, or visit our homepage to see what Smoothmoves can do for you!

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