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Office & Commercial

Smoothmoves can guide you through the office moving and relocation process, creating a more stress-free experience.


We work as a combined team with our clients to give the moving process the experience and expertise needed to successfully relocate office.


Not only are Smoothmoves removalists but also relocation specialists. We bring to every relocation, whether large or small, a skills set that goes beyond moving goods from A to B.


Every office relocation provided by Smoothmoves has included project management. We perform on-site inspections so we gain full understanding of the job. You will receive ongoing support throughout the office relocation process. For larger commercial relocations, a dedicated project manager assigned to the job can prove to be the best option.


Smoothmoves offers a wide range of commercial relocation services to all Sydney businesses and can cater to your needs and best suit your requirements.


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Relocation Management

office removals worker sitting in chairSmoothmoves can be your relocation partner who works with you from initial stage right through to post move follow up. This will guarantee a smooth move. By including relocation management into your services, we apply our experience and expertise to the job. All office moves to some extent have relocation management elements. By gaining an understanding of the scope of the job, Smoothmoves can help you determine if a dedicated relocation manager would be of extra benefit.


Smoothmoves relocation manager would bring these special skills:

  • Knowledge of all operational aspects of relocation
  • All details covered before, during, after move operation
  • Maintain close working relationship with your relocation manager
  • Ensure safe work practices
  • People management skills
  • Communication with staff


Smoothmoves project management can ensure a smooth relocation by implementing these strategies:

  • Floor plans coding system
  • Assisting staff to manage labeling of workstation materials
  • Arranging for clear labelling at new site access prior to relocation
  • Ensuring critical equipment has highest priority during relocation
  • Liaising with building management
  • Confirming booking of loading docks, lifts and security
  • Arranging protective materials for floors, walls & lifts
  • Providing assistance post-relocation

Renovation Moves

office moving boxes with plants
If you need to vacate some or all the household contents, Smoothmoves storage is the perfect solution for storing some goods or all household contents. You will have your own fully secured storage unit with the right size suited to your needs. Our removal technicians will then move all goods back into your newly renovated home once the job is done.

  • Doing some renovations to the house, townhouse or unit?
  • Needing to move some goods to the garage or into another part of the house?
  • Needing to relocate the some or the entire household for the duration of the work?
  • What about protection for my furniture while the house is getting dusty?

Communication is the key to a smooth office move.

office removals customer service agentSmoothmoves ensures the operational side of office relocations is executed with ease, with efficiently and with communication. All levels of operations are part of the planning process. Our technicians are fully trained and we use only the latest in trucks and equipment to safely move the goods. The strictest of confidentiality is taken to protect the security of the goods. We provide quality assurance measures to guarantee a smooth relocation.


  • Commercial relocation services
  • Project management
  • Asset disposal
  • Strategic planning
  • Space analysis & planning
  • Ergonomics of space
  • Removals
  • Filing, labeling
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Creation of new filing systems
  • Workstation relocations

Smooth Planning

office moving boxEven the smallest relocation has an element of strategic planning built in. Smoothmoves relocation strategies are efficient and executed effectively. We do this by assessing the specific problems and risks associated with your commercial relocation and build contingencies to overcome any obstacles. Throughout the relocation planning stage there are often changes needed and adjustments to be made. We are flexible and will work with you to adapt the planning structure. This will insure a continuously smooth relocation operation.


Smoothmoves goal is to always deliver a smooth transition for your office relocation.


The main ways to achieve a smooth transition is by having:
  • minimum stress
  • minimum disruption
  • minimum risk
  • high staff morale
  • maximum level of planning


Smoothmoves planning will not only assess the more physical aspects of the business, but we will ensure that the human resource element and logistical elements are managed together resulting in a smoothly combined relocation.


After determining the depth of your relocation, Smoothmoves can plan for and deliver the solutions you require.