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10 Moving Tips Most People Overlook

We’re obsessed with achieving the smoothest move possible for all our clients and customers. We’re so obsessed that we’ve put together a bunch of articles with professional recommendations. From the 12 Common Moving Mistakes and How To Avoid Making Them to 8 Packing Tips When Moving From An Apartment, it’s safe to say that we’ve covered pretty much all the tips for moving house. And herein lies the problem – what’s been overlooked, what’s been forgotten, and what could cause the biggest headache should you have a memory lapse.


a person packing home and office items

How to Pack Like a Professional for your Move

In previous articles, Smoothmoves has tackled how to pack and move your kitchen like a pro, offering up packing tips for moving into your new house. Well, with the kitchen out of the way, let's move onto the rest of the house. 

Smoothmoves is here to make moving less painful, less stressful, and above all, smooth. With our packing tips for moving that even some professionals won’t even know, we’ll have you packed up and ready to go in a flash.


thumbnail of a house in a prospective sydney suburb

Best Sydney Suburbs for Renters

Let’s not dwell on the staggering house prices we’ve seen in the last few years and instead dive straight into today’s topic - the best Sydney suburbs for renters. Rather than scare you with the 14-straight months of house price increases across Australia, we want to focus on where Sydneysiders are renting. Where are the bargains, and where are the ideal locations for your next 6-12 month lease period. 


small image of man paying for removalists

How to Calculate your Moving Costs

You’re moving home, and you’ve just discovered the ultimate removalist deal at $80 an hour. At that price, we can almost guarantee you’ll get a broken-down truck with dumb and dumber moving your furniture. After petrol, insurance, truck charges, salaries and operating costs for a business, there’s a lot that goes into calculating your moving costs. While no one wants to overpay for any service, underpaying can run you into problems.


8 Packing Tips When Moving From An Apartment

A while back, we covered the 12 Common Moving Mistakes and How To Avoid Making Them. From thinking you can do it all yourself to improper packing and getting furniture through the door (PIVOT!), avoiding these common moving mistakes can be the difference between a smooth move and a horrible one. 


correct home office electronics set up

How to Set Up Home Office Electronics Correctly

Working from home is becoming more common amongst businesses as they begin to adapt to changes in work culture. Saving employees time and money by avoiding the daily commute to work, plus flexibility in work hours, working from home offers a range of benefits.


ergonomic home office desk set-up

How To Create The Perfect Ergonomic Work From Home Office Setup

Creating the perfect work-from-home setup is all about office ergonomics, the science behind designing a workstation that fits your personal requirements as a worker.


Donating Unwanted Items in Australia

Donating unwanted goods in Australia is an incredibly popular way to be charitable without dipping into your cash reserves. Being such a generous population, it pays to know how and where to donate unwanted goods, especially if you’re planning on moving house soon.


How to Pack and Move Your Kitchen Like a Pro

For those who have had to move more than once in their lifetime, you know that moving can be a painful, stressful process – and the kitchen is the worst part of it all.


Pre-Purchase House Inspection – Red Flags To Look Out For

It’s easy to get а headache from all the small details you need to review when you’re about to buy a used property. We’ve all been there - the compulsive need to inspect everything so you can be sure you are not on the way to making the wrong decision can be exhausting.


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