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12 Common Moving Mistakes & How To Avoid Making Them

Last Updated: Monday, September 7th, 2020

Moving out from your home, no matter if it’s really yours or just a rental, is never easy. Many things need to be done before, during and after you move. There are always problems which only make us nervous and sometimes they even cost us a lot.

It’s not easy to remember everything and making every step just the right one. There’s a big chance that something will go wrong. 

However, sometimes the moving mistakes are so common, that if you just pay attention, you can very easily avoid them. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when moving, so you can avoid them: 

You think you can do it yourself

This is probably the biggest mistake anyone could ever make. We’re talking about packing your entire home and moving it to a new location. Even if this location is just across the city, it’s not that easy to do it, and it’s almost impossible to do it on your own. Thinking that it is is just ridiculous. Even if you ask your friends to help you, it could take a few days and they’ll probably do many things wrong while packing because they are not professionals. And this can lead to costly breakages. 

So, just get over this idea and hire a removals team. You’ll give them some money, but I bet you can give more if you do something wrong while packing and moving your home on your own. 

You picked the wrong moving company

This is also a widespread mistake. Before you pick a removals company, you should do extensive research on the matter. This business is extensive and competitive. You should check at least five companies for their prices and references before you choose anything. Otherwise, you could be scammed very easily, and you could pay a triple price for the service. The most important thing you need to know about your movers is if they are insured. If they have proper insurance, even if the van gets lost or something breaks, you will be fully covered. 

The removals van is too small

You should be very careful when you order the size of the van because very often people cannot decide objectively how much space will they need to fit their things. After all, your belongings look differently when you look at them all over the house, but when you try to pack them it’s a whole different situation. This is why most people pack most of their belongings first, and then start looking for a van. It’s much easier to determine the size you need when everything is placed neatly in boxes. If packing beforehand is not an option, just try to be specific with the removals company how big your house is and let’s hope they’ll find the right van for you. 

You didn’t set aside enough time

Packing up your house is a very tricky business. There are so many things that need to be boxed up, and some of them are very fragile, so they need special attention. This is why you need to look around your home and estimate the right amount of time to pack everything up. You could even start a few days earlier by packing the less important stuff first. This way you won’t worry that there’s not enough time for everything. 

Most organised people even start a month in advance and follow a strict schedule. First, they pack the non-essential items and the closer the time of the move comes, the more items are neatly packed and ready to be placed in the van. 

Forgot to inspect the new place

It’s really important to check out the new place before you move in there. You should see if there’s enough space for all of your things. You should also see if you have all of the documents needed, and if you’re renting the place, you should check the landlord and make sure you’re familiar with all their rules and regulations. It’s important to inspect the new property before you move in, to make sure there are no serious structural issues, as well as pests and other problems which can turn your moving day into a disaster. 

You can’t get the bigger items through the door

When you’re moving out, you should remember that there are some things, like the wardrobe and the bed, which you bought in a disassembled condition and you assembled them in your home. These objects are too big and cannot fit through the door, no matter how pushy you can be. You should just disassemble your furniture and pack it this way. If you keep the assembly plans, they could be of great help during this task. Get small plastic bags for all the small parts, like bolts and screws. Make sure there’s a piece of sheet or paper between the elements because if they touch each other, scratches will appear. 

You didn’t clean the houses

Houses are usually big and there are always some places where you haven’t cleaned for ages. But still, it would be unpleasant if you hire a removals team and they have to pack all of your stuff, and everything is dirty. So, before you move out, try to clean everything thoroughly, so you don’t have to be worried about the condition of things afterwards. Pay attention to areas like the attic, garage, below stairs, behind furniture and the basement. Leaving the old house clean and in a good condition will make it more attractive to prospective buyers and will help you sell it faster. 

Same applies for your new house, make sure it’s clean and properly disinfected before you move in. Even if the previous owners took care of the house, with nowadays conditions it’s a good idea to take care of that personally or to hire someone who specialises in antiviral cleaning services

Improper packing

It’s never easy to box up your entire home, but you should be careful how well you pack your fragile elements and your most valuable objects. You should be attentive with your glass, pottery and all of the breakable elements. It will cost you less if you just pack them carefully and properly. Always use bubble wrap for your valuable items, pack each plate and glass in paper separately, and never overstuff your boxes, because things easily break when they are clustered together. 

Forgot to put labels

It looks like something very stupid to do, but people often make that common moving mistake. If you forget to put labels on the boxes when you move into the new place you’ll have to open them all and see what’s inside. That’s why labelling is really important and should be done to save some time afterwards. One small label on the box can make a ton of difference when you’re looking for your pillows and don’t feel like opening ten boxes before finding them. 

Forgot to set aside an overnight bag

Many people forget about that little detail. Even if you move into your new place the same day, it will be really hard to find everything you need to prepare yourself for the next day. Even if you have the time to find everything, it would be a lot nicer to just relax and rest. That’s why you should set aside an overnight bag with clothes, a toothbrush and everything essential you’ll need for the next morning. After that, you’ll probably get the chance to unpack all the vital rooms and the transition will start smoothly. 

Didn’t check the utilities

When you finally pack your things and it’s time to move on, you should remember to turn off the electricity, just in case. Sometimes accidents happen and it would be good to prevent that. Same applies for the water, make sure all the taps are closed and nothing is leaking anywhere. Sometimes disconnecting kitchen appliances can lead to small pipe bursts which lead to leaks and flooding. This can happen so slowly that it’s unnoticeable at first, so you need to take a closer look at these areas. 

Aso, make sure the utilities are properly set and functioning in your new home before you move in because moving to a house with no electricity or water is a very common nightmare. 

You forgot about the plants and your pets

People sometimes get so busy with preparing the moving out, that they forget to prepare their plants and the pets as well. A few weeks before you move, you should transplant your plants from the breakable pots into lighter and unbreakable ones. Your pet will need some preparations before the move too. You’ll have to take it to the vet and see if it has all of its shots (especially if you’re moving to a different city or country) and get some medication for the travel sickness. And make sure you have your pet’s papers with you. You’ll need them, especially if you’re about to change vets. 

These are the most common moving mistakes people make. If you avoid them, your moving out experience will run smoothly. Just try to be careful and conscious, because you never know where problems can jump out from.

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