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5 Meals To Make For Moving Day

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Moving house can be pretty hectic. One thing that most folks forget about in the midst of the upheaval is eating well. With a little bit of planning and preparation, your move can be a foodie-friendly affair with no more need to take that guilt-laden trip through the dreaded drive-thru lane. Here’s our quick guide to making your move a smooth-eating, healthy day.


Best Breakfasts 

1. Granola is a simple, delicious and customisable breakfast to help you start the day and load you up with energy so you can load up the truck. The beauty of this dish is that you can add whatever delicacies you like, cover it in butter and honey before toasting it in the oven or just soak the raw oats overnight for some bircher bliss.


2. Bacon And Egg Rolls are quick and easy to prepare and if you do it the night before, you can get stuck into one as soon as you rise. Cook your bacon and egg, prepare your sauces and cut your muffin bun before you hit the hay. When you wake up, throw it in the microwave and toast your muffin top. Yum.


Lovely Lunches 

3. Sushi is a really clean, healthy and quick meal to scoff down while you’re on the move. The basics of sushi are easy; rice and seaweed. Once you’ve got these elements ready to go, with the help of a splash of mirin, simply add your centre ingredients and roll them up.


4. Empanadas are an excellent way to treat yourself on moving day. A favourite of many parts of the world, empanadas are easy to make and will survive the freezer. Make meat or veggie fillings, make them big or small. You won’t be disappointed when you’re hungry during the move.


Delicious Dinners 

5. Pizza is perfect for moving day. Once you’ve made your base, cover it with your desired toppings, seal it with cling wrap and throw it in the freezer. Come the big day, all you need to do is grab them out of the freezer and transport them in an esky or cool bag. Once you reach your new home, fire up the oven or BBQ if you have a hooded one and get ready for some cheesy cheer.

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