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5 Ways To Create With Moving Boxes

Last Updated: Monday, May 18th, 2015

So you’ve moved. You’ve unpacked. The chaos has calmed, everything’s been put away and the place is starting to look like home. There’s only one problem – the huge pile of wasted cardboard moving boxes in the corner.

We’ve dreamed up five fab ways to make use of your idle cardboard surplus – just grab your crafting gear and get busy. The kids will love you for it!


Cool caravan camper

Start by flattening out all your boxes. Use all the flattened pieces to create one huge box. Close in all sides and make a rounded door for an authentic look. Use some old vinyls for wheels and spray paint the whole thing silver to finish off your kid-friendly caravan.


Your cat’s cardboard crib

Any sized box is going to be cat heaven. Have a bit of fun building your kitty a multi-story cardboard mansion. Cut out windows and doors, make a peaked roof, decorate the outside, line it with blankets and put feline’s name on the front. You’ll be in tabby’s good books for weeks.


Up and up cardboard elevator

Does your child love pressing buttons in elevators? Recreate the wonder of scaling multiple story’s with a bigger box turned on its end. Make ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons for the outside and create opening doors. Inside the box, line the wall with buttons for as many floors as you want (don’t forget the ground and parking floors). Outside on the head of the box, make an old-fashioned floor counter with a moveable arrow you can turn to point to different floor numbers.


Streetscape for lego town

Take off the top flaps of a big box. Remove one of the sides, leaving a ‘floor’ and three ‘walls.’ Grab a bunch of markers or textas and go to town drawing up a road-scape with a maze of streets and parks. Use this a canvas to build a huge lego land which the kids can come back to again and again. Best of all – it’s contained and keeps all the tiny lego bricks in one place.


Cardboard car

This is an oldie but a goodie. Using a smaller box, get rid of the top and bottom leaving just the four sides. Make some wheels from the discarded flaps and staple them on. Use some fabric to create straps and paint them black to look like seatbelts. Make a moveable steering wheel from a plastic lid and fix it in place with a paper fastener. You can even make a bunch of them for your next kids’ party and host a real drive-in outdoor movie.

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