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7 Ways to Make Your New Home Smart

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

Thanks to the advance in technology, homeowners are now able to upgrade their electrical appliances to the fullest extent. 
So why not make your new home you have moved into smart?
In this article, we will take you through some awesome ways you can bring smart integration into your home.

Home automation is no longer science fiction in the modern-day. With the increasing popularity of turning your home to a smart home, many homeowners of today are eagerly looking for ways to turn their daily routines into automation.

The benefits that come together with home automation is aplenty ranging from convenience, security, energy-saving, trendiness, aesthetics and even seamless entertainment without even lifting a finger. 

Let’s find out what the most requested electrical upgrade by homeowners are and how you can incorporate them into your new home.

1. Security cameras

Security cameras are meant to monitor your home for you. However, that does not mean that it should look like a rock-solid machine offensively staring at every single passer-by and visitors to your house. 

There are plenty of security camera options to choose from, such as perimeter cameras or interior cameras. And to make life easy for you, camera footage is usually accessible on mobile phone no matter where you are in the world. 

As security cameras are often hardwired, there is no need to replace the batteries although these usually are installed to work as a backup in the event your power goes down. The good news about this setup is that it looks discreet. 

There are also CCTV cameras that are rechargeable and the only other device that is required is your phone, they even have 2-way intercoms and motion detection alerts, with cloud back-up and for the price of around $100 all in a very small price to pay for the safety of your home! 

Today’s smart home security cameras are low profile with the option of being camouflaged into your entryway or most frequented area without being a sight for sore eyes.

2. Thermostat

Integrating a thermostat is hugely popular as it is a comfort upgrade for the entire home’s heating and cooling system. 

With sensors that can be hardwired into the thermostat, the temperature and humidity of your home are regulated automatically which allows you to feel comfortable at home at the perfect temperature all day long, which can also be controlled directly from your smartphone. 

If you want true luxury, go for a thermostat that can be activated and controlled by voice so that you don’t even need to lay a finger on the panel.

3. Motion sensors & alarms 

A must-have for homeowners that prioritise safety. 

Sensors that detect motion, door or window access, smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding, broken glass can be integrated into the home automation system in accordance with the specific layout of your home. 

Motion sensors can also be set up to trigger an action. From turning on all the lights in the house to setting off the alarm when there is an intrusion, security becomes easy when motion sensors are in place. You can even integrate your sensors with the alarm panel to notify you via your phone whenever a trigger happens. 

4. A fancy doorbell

Don’t be surprised at what a smart doorbell can do to make your life that much better.

An upgrade to video doorbells allows you to see anyone who is there even before they press the bell. If you happen to be unable to answer the door, you can speak with whoever is outside without approaching the door via your phone hooked up to the home system. 

A smart doorbell can also record video footage of visitors that are in your entryway while you are away or unable to answer. You can also opt in to be notified of the same via your mobile.
This works wonders when your postman arrives with a parcel, instead of having to take the dreaded trip to the post office, you can communicate with them to leave it in a safe place instead.

The most popular brand for this is “ring” however, there are many other options available. 

5. Smart light switches

No longer just an on-off switch, the smart switch allows you to control the lighting via an app, remote, or voice command. Whether you’re thinking of setting the mood to more romantic or dimming the lights for a calm night, know that you’re in total control of your lighting ambience.

One of the best things that you can integrate into your switch system is by incorporating voice command into the equation. Imagine saying the words “goodnight” and watching the entire house turn off its lights. Or, simply clap your hands to turn on the lights for a good wakeup call in the morning, now that is the life.

You can also get smart bulbs which turn your entire house smart with ease!

6. Smart speakers

One of the easiest smart purchases is a smart speaker, you can purchase amazon echoes or google homes for as little as $50!

Not only are these a speaker you can control with your voice, but they also work as your weatherman, personal planner, sous-chef, TV remote and can control most of your smart devices in your home!

To make this better you can purchase multiple to have a multi-room audio setup.

7. Cleaning

Ah, cleaning, one of life’s biggest chores although you can’t completely automate this, yet!
There are multiple options for taking some of the work off your back.

Smart bins are available with suction near the floor to remove the need from ever bending down to use a dust-pan! 

Smart vacuums are becoming increasingly popular, they can be voice-activated, vacuum at a certain time of the day and even mop!

Having to do your laundry after a long day at work is not ideal, that’s where smart washer/dryers come in, control them with your phone or smart speaker and set them to be finished at a time convenient for you! 

If you are looking for a smart way to move home, we can help! Although we aren’t controlled via a smart speaker we can offer a personal touch and take all of the hassles away from you!
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