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9 Tips to Make Your Home Sell Quicker

Last Updated: Thursday, April 9th, 2020

If you’re ready to move into your next house but the only thing stopping you is selling your current one, this blog is for you. You could have everything else sorted, if chosen who will be helping you with the move. But if you can’t sell your current one, you’re going to be stuck for a while.

Selling your home can often feel like an overwhelming task. While finding an expert realtor is a great first step you shouldn’t leave the entire selling process to them. They are things you can to speed up this process as well.

Fortunately, with the correct approach and preparation, homeowners can ensure that their house stands out even during the off-season or over-saturated market. If you’re struggling to sell your house, here are nine tips for selling your home quickly.

1. Consider the Current Housing Market

Researching the housing market before putting a ‘For Sale’ sign outside your front door can help you sell the house quickly. Experts advise selling houses when the buyer demand is high. During this time, buyers are competing for properties thus you’re likely to get a buyer easily.

Don’t overlook the season demand. Evaluate what’s happening on both local and national housing markets. It’s also wise that one checks with the local council for any developments within their location. Bear in mind that developments like new schools, transport, mobile phone masts, etc. can help make a quick sale.

But, for someone who wants to put their house on the market immediately, they’ll have to adjust the price accordingly.

2. Hire the Right Real Estate Agent

A good agent can help sell a home fast. He/she will help maximize results while minimizing worry. But since there are many realtors you should choose one with up to date marketing skills as they’ll help maximize viewings. Again, consider their experience and whether they’re licensed.

You can ask for recommendations or you can look up various agents online. Note that, while relators charge a percentage of the flat rate or sell price, you can negotiate these fees and find a favorable deal.

Also, if you want a really quick sale you could hire multiple agents. But this will be more costly no matter who ends up selling the property. Therefore, before hiring an agent, read and understand their contract and make sure you have a good feeling about who you go with.

3. Price Your Home Accurately

This also links into point number one, but you need to give a fair price on your home. Your chosen estate agent should be able to help you here as well. Local agents can get a valuation of your property, and they shouldn’t be scared to tell you how it is. Feel free to contact them as most of them don’t charge for this service. Also, you should get at least three agents to value your home since different agents may offer varying fees and services. 

Bear in mind that the highest valuation may seem like the best one but that doesn’t automatically translate to a quick sale. If you get valuations from multiples agents, you’ll be in a much better position to set a good and fair price that will appeal to potential buyers.

4. Make Your Property More Appealing

First impressions count when selling a house. You don’t want to make the buyer lose interest even before they step inside your front door. Therefore, ensure that you create a lasting impression. Make sure that your property’s exterior is up to scratch, brighten your fence up with paint and if you have a garden plant some bedding flowers. Also, remove dustbins or any unsightly things out of view.

As soon as a potential buyer lays eyes on your house you want them to imagine themselves being able to live there and feel welcomed when they walk up to your door.

5. Depersonalize

Buyers should be able visualize themselves living in your house, that may seem weird but it’s the truth. However this can be difficult if the house is currently full of family photos or a bunch of personal stuff. 

You, therefore, should disassociate yourself from the house as much as you can to view it from a buyer’s point of view. Remove highly personalized stuff so that potential buyers don’t struggle to envisage themselves there.

You can put it all back exactly how it was after they have left.

6. Freshen up and Get Rid of Clutter

You don’t need expensive décor to make your home look appealing for buyers. After all, you don’t know their taste and preference. Most times, tidying up is all that’s needed to make it appealing.

Freshen your rooms up with neutral paint or vases of flowers. Also, take advantage of natural light by opening windows and curtains. Again, ensure that all rooms are clutter-free, airy and light.

Since the kitchen is an essential selling point, ensure that it smells fresh and worktops are clean. Again, those with pets should have a friend or neighbor look after them during viewings, and ensure that they get rid of pet odors. Note that, a buyer may not be a fan of your pet or worse allergic!

7. Handle Simple DIY Projects

You may have been putting it off month after month but now is the time to fix those broken parts of your home. These include repainting chipped paints, replacing cracked tiles and dripping taps, replacing light bulbs that are broken, etc. 

Remember that everyone wants to live in an appealing environment. So put some effort into improving your house aesthetics. It’s also less things the potential buyers will need to get sorted!

8. Define Each Room

To help buyers picture themselves living in your home, you should highlight each room differently. For instance, get the dining room to look like a dining place. That means, removing exercise equipment or work papers if present. Again, make your kitchen looks perfect by removing anything that isn’t meant for kitchen use.

9. Use the Media’s Help

This one won’t work for everyone, but if you can do it, it’s definitely worth a try.

Lastly, what many people forget is that the media can help them sell their house faster. Once you have made your property picture perfect and you have high-quality photographs, take advantage of media exposure. Bear in mind that real estate writers and local press are always looking for unique stories. So, if you have an architecturally or historically appealing house, or a notable person has owned the house before or any other unique aspect of your house, get a media correspondent to do a feature.

Final Thoughts

While selling a house is sometimes difficult these nine tips will ensure that you stand out from your competitors even in a saturated market. You’ll be ready to move into your new place in no time.

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