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Clothes On The Move

Last Updated: Monday, September 21st, 2015

When you’re moving, you’re preoccupied packing everything other than your wardrobe. It’s very common to underestimate how many clothes you have or how heavy clothing actually is. On moving day, we often see our clients lugging piles of clothes to the car and dropping the odd jacket along the way.


Clothes are heavy and bulky and require as much attention as packing your kitchen or bookshelf. The last thing you want to do is squash your valuable clothing in a dirty box and hope for the best. You wouldn’t do that to you’re glassware, so you probably shouldn’t do it to your garb.


Here’s a couple a tips to help you get your clothes from A to B, wrinkle and damage free:


Be Ruthless

This is the perfect opportunity to purge. If you haven’t worn it in a while – it’s time to go. There’s no point moving things you won’t wear. Yes, your high school jersey from twenty years ago may be sentimental, but are you actually going to don the daggy? Consider donating clothes in good condition to your local charity.


Buy proper boxes

There’s no point taking your clothes off their hangers so they fit in a box. Instead, invest in proper clothes moving boxes. Wardrobe boxes allow you to pack your clothes on their hangers. These time saving boxes mean your clothes get to the other in ready to wear condition. Because clothes are heavy, don’t over-pack each box but rather use the dead space for light items like pillows.


Put your suitcase to use!

Because they’re generally on wheels and are designed for clothes, pack your folded clothes like t-shirts and jeans into your suitcases. Think of moving as the ultimate adventure!


Sneaky Shoes

Our removalists have seen everything when it comes to packing. The most common way of packing shoes is throwing them all into a garbage bag. Shoes are expensive and require more love. Take the time to wrap your fancy footwear in moving paper and stacking them carefully.


Pack a Go-to Bag

The last thing you want to be doing after a big move is rummaging through five boxes of clothing trying to find a clean pair of undies. Pack a go-to bag with a fresh change of clothes and some toiletries. You’ll thank yourself later.


Talk to the Smoothmoves team about box and port-a-robe hire, we can deliver the boxes and packaging materials before you move and collect the boxes once you’re all settled in.


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