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How to Move a Piano & Other Heavy Furniture Safely

Last Updated: Friday, January 12th, 2024

Moving day can be exciting, but it can also be daunting, especially when tackling hefty furniture pieces like pianos, fridges, and large bookcases. These giants of the household require some special care and consideration to ensure a safe and damage-free move.

As your trusted removalists in Sydney, we’re here to guide you through the process of moving heavy items with expert tips and techniques. By following the steps we lay out, you can conquer the colossus and ensure your heavy furniture arrives at its new home safely and soundly.

Moving Pianos, A Special Case

Moving a piano presents a unique challenge due to its substantial weight, delicate nature, and high value. Because pianos typically weigh between 100 to 500 kilograms or more, we recommend hiring a professional moving company with piano moving experience to do the job. Many times, a piano is the most valuable and expensive item inside a person’s home. The price of a quality piano ranges from the low thousands to upwards of $100,000. Given a piano’s value, the instrument must be handled carefully, making professional movers all the more necessary.

The Cost of Piano Moving in Sydney

The cost of hiring a professional piano mover in Sydney depends on several factors, including the size and weight of your piano, the distance it needs to be moved, the amount of stairs to climb or descend and any additional services required. 

So, generally, how much is a piano mover? For upright pianos, local moves typically range from $350 to $700, while long-distance moves can cost $500 to $2,000 or even more. Due to their larger size and weight, Grand pianos usually come with higher price tags, with local moves ranging from $1,100 to $1,500 and long-distance moves reaching about $2,000. Entrusting a piano’s move to professionals can provide peace of mind and ensure its safe arrival at its new home.

Essential Considerations Before the Move

Don’t underestimate the power of preparation. Lay the groundwork for a seamlessly smooth move with these crucial steps:

Assess the situation

Evaluate the size, weight, and shape of the heavy furniture you need to move. Measure doorways, hallways, and staircases to ensure smooth passage.

Plan your route

Visualise the entire moving process, identifying potential obstacles and challenges. Consider using alternative routes or disassembling furniture if necessary.

Gather the right tools 

Equip yourself with furniture sliders, dolly, straps, lifting equipment, and protective materials like blankets and padding.

Protect your floors and walls 

Cover floors and walls with drop cloths or cardboard to prevent scratches and dents during the move.

Recruit help

Lifting heavy objects requires lots of human help. Call on friends, family, or professional movers to ensure a safe and efficient move.

DIY or Professional Movers? Making the Right Choice For Your Move

If hiring professional movers is outside your budget or timetable, it is possible to move most pianos with the help of friends. However, we strongly recommend investing in professional movers if you own a grand piano weighing 500 kilograms or more. These exceptionally large pianos often require special equipment and handling that only true moving professionals can provide. Also, if steep stairs or narrow hallways are involved, we advise calling on the pros.

If you’re still up for the challenge of moving your piano yourself, take a look at our helpful tips below. Safety comes first, so prioritise proper planning and techniques to avoid accidents.

Step-by-Step Guide to Moving Heavy Furniture

This step-by-step guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to conquer even the clunkiest furniture pieces:

Prepare the furniture

Secure loose parts, remove drawers and doors, and wrap the furniture with padding and straps.

Use a dolly

Place the dolly under the furniture’s base, ensuring it’s stable and secure.

Lift and slide

Using proper lifting techniques, raise the furniture slightly and slide the dolly into position.

Navigate Carefully

Manoeuvre the furniture through doorways and hallways, maintaining clear communication with your helpers.

Securely load the vehicle

Use straps and padding to secure the furniture in the moving vehicle to prevent damage during transport.

Use piano boards

Secure the piano on a piano board for easier manoeuvring and to protect its legs from damage.

Navigate stairs cautiously

Use a piano skid or hire professional piano movers for safe transportation downstairs.

Safety Precautions are Paramount

Moving day is a whirlwind of activity, with heavy furniture often taking the bulk of your energy. But before you tackle those pieces, remember that safety comes first. Avoid potential injuries and take the edge off the heavy lifting with these expert tips:

Warm up your muscles

Before engaging in heavy lifting, perform proper warm-up exercises to prevent injuries.

Lift with your legs, not your back

Bend your knees and engage your core muscles when lifting heavy objects. Avoid bending from the waist.

Maintain a firm grip

Wear gloves for better grip and control. Use straps or lifting equipment for additional support.

Communicate clearly

Coordinate with your helpers and communicate your movements clearly to avoid accidents. Speak up if you need to readjust to prevent injury.

Take your time

Take your time and focus on ensuring a safe and controlled move. Don’t rush the process, as damages and injuries can be costly. 

Moving with Smoothmoves

At Smoothmoves, we understand the complexities of moving heavy furniture. Our team of experienced and professional home removalists in Sydney are equipped with the expertise, tools, and equipment to handle even the most challenging moves. We offer comprehensive services, including:

Packing and unpacking

Our team can expertly pack and unpack your belongings, ensuring their safe and efficient transportation.

Secure storage

We provide secure storage solutions for your belongings, whether you require temporary or long-term storage.

Removals insurance

We offer comprehensive removals insurance to protect your belongings against any unforeseen damage during the move.

Your Ticket to a Stress-Free Move

For a stress-free and seamless move, let Smoothmoves do the heavy lifting. Contact us for a free quote and experience the difference of professional removalist services.

Remember, when it comes to moving heavy furniture, safety and care are paramount. By following these tips and partnering with our experts, you can ensure your bulky belongings arrive at their new home safe and sound. Get in touch with Smoothmoves today to simplify your next move.

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