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Moving is Grovin’ With These 3 Apps

Last Updated: Saturday, May 16th, 2015

I know we go on about organisation and planning but what happens before the Smoothmoves removals truck pulls into your driveway is just as important as letting our removalists relocate your possessions from A to B. To save you time, we’ve road tested some apps to assist you in making an easy and effective move.


1. Cost: FREE

Sortly puts itself out there as ‘The Ultimate Organiser App.’ It’s main mission in life is to make organisation easy for you. This general get-organised app applies well to relocating and can also help you set up streamlined systems once you settle into your new life.


Features to get you moving,

  • Visual inventory – organise all of your items by selecting a category, taking a piccy and tagging it with a description.
  • Easy backup, restore and export – automatic backup and sync to multiple devices with Sortly Cloud.
  • Arrows feature – add customisable arrows to photos of rooms to help identify specific areas.



2. Home Move Pro. Cost: FREE

This free app wants to help ‘Make Your House Moving Worry Free.’ It’s a big claim but Home Move Pro gives good gain. It’s a helpful and user-friendly moving assistant taking you through everything you need to save time from pack to unpack.


Features to get you moving,

  • ‘Change of address’ check list ­– the definitive make sure you’ve told everyone you don’t live here anymore tool.
  • Photo log feature – take photos of your pieces and jot down notes about them. Use this to keep track of what’s in which box.
  • Multiple to do lists – useful for keeping detailed, categorised lists.



3. Pro Moving Planner. Cost $5.49

For a small cost, this app gives you absolutely everything you need to make moving really easy. Positioning themselves as ‘The Relocation Logistic Assistant,’ this specialist app is simple, comprehensive and boasts extensive features.


Features to get you moving,

  • Connect with other users ­– keep your partner or family in the loop so you don’t have to relay information multiple times.
  • Shopping list – when everybody’s running around like headless chooks it’s easy to have communication breakdown. This feature makes sure nobody buys the same thing twice.
  • Bookmark sites through the app.

Moving with the Smoothmoves teams really does guarantee you a smooth move.

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