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Moving White Goods: The Do’s & Don’ts

Last Updated: Friday, June 16th, 2023

Moving a fridge, dishwasher, or washing machine is no easy feat, but fear not! At Smoothmoves, we specialise in handling heavy appliances during home removals. With our expert guidance and a touch of Smoothmoves enthusiasm, you’ll soon be mastering the art of moving white goods like a pro.

Whether you’re relocating to a new home or giving your living space a makeover, moving these hefty appliances can initially feel overwhelming. But fret not, as we have meticulously crafted a collection of invaluable tips and tricks that we use to ensure a seamless moving experience for these large electrical appliances.

a removalist moving a washing machine. the removalist uses a trolley, a moving belt and has the laundry machine taped up

Prepare to unlock your true potential and become a white good moving maestro. Let us equip you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle this adventure head-on. With our tried-and-true techniques, you’ll soon be moving fridges and other heavy appliances smoothly and effortlessly.

Come along as we reveal the secrets to moving white goods like a pro. Let’s make your next move a smooth one!

The Do’s of Moving White Goods

1. Prepare your appliances

Before you even start thinking about how to move a fridge or how to transport a washing machine, ensure they are ready for the journey and you have the appropriate moving equipment.

How to prepare your appliances for moving?

  • Turn off appliances the night before moving to allow them to reach room temperature.
  • Thoroughly clean your fridge and freezer to prevent unpleasant smells or mould growth during the move.
  • Remove all food and disinfect surfaces for hygienic transport.
  • Pay attention to the smaller details, such as detaching and securing cords and hoses on your washing machine to prevent them from tangling or getting damaged.
  • Remove interior glass shelves and wrap them separately to avoid damage.
  • Secure the doors of your appliances to avoid them swinging open during transit. You can use strong tape or moving straps for this purpose.

2. Use the right equipment

It’s essential to use appropriate equipment for moving heavy appliances. Specialised tools like a dolly or a hand truck, sturdy ropes, and moving straps are crucial to transport your white goods safely. Investing in good-quality moving blankets can also protect your appliances from dings and scratches.

Use bubble wrap or moving blankets around the appliance to avoid any dents or scratches during the move. A hard-top cover can provide extra protection for appliances with a glass or ceramic surface.

Moving Upstairs or Downstairs? A stair-roller attachment on your dolly can make this task safer and more accessible. Always have a spotter to guide and help control the dolly.

Moving White Goods Equipment List:

  • A dolly or hand truck
  • Ropes
  • Moving Straps
  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving Blankets

These steps will help you effectively prepare for moving a fridge, washing machine, or other large appliances.  Check out our Ultimate Packing Guide for Moving for more comprehensive advice!

3. Take measurements

Measure your appliances and the spaces through which they’ll be moved. It’s crucial to ensure that your fridge, washing machine or freezer can fit through doorways and hallways before attempting to move them.

4. Get help

Moving heavy appliances can be risky if done alone. Recruit friends, family, or better yet, a professional team like our Home Removalists in Sydney to lend a hand.

Our expert home removalists and movers streamline the process of moving house so you can focus on settling into your new home. Our services cover everything from packing and furniture removal to long-term self-storage units and commercial and office relocations. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we promise a moving service tailored to your needs.

Ready to make your move smooth? Contact us today.

The Don’ts of Moving White Goods

1. Don’t rush

Don’t rush the process. Moving large appliances takes time and precision. By rushing, you risk damaging your white goods or injuring yourself.

2. Don’t tilt

Remember not to tilt them on their sides when pondering how to move a fridge or washing machine. These appliances contain cooling mechanisms that could be damaged when tilted. It’s best to keep them upright as much as possible during the move. If unavoidable, ensure they’re left upright for at least 24 hours before plugging them in at your new home. This rule is particularly crucial when figuring out how to transport a fridge to its new location.

3. Don’t forget about storage

If there’s a delay between moving out and moving into your new home, you can hire storage units to store your appliances in a dry, secure place to protect them from damage and theft.

4. Don’t pack your appliances without protection

When you’re planning to move your washing machine or fridge, avoid packing them without adequate protection. Use removal boxes or padded blankets to protect these goods during the move.

Additional Tips: Protecting Your Floors

A common concern when moving white goods and heavy appliances is how to prevent damage to floors. Here are some tips on how to move appliances without damaging your floors:

1. Use Furniture Sliders: Furniture sliders are your best friend when moving heavy objects across floors. They come in different sizes and can be used on carpets and hard floors. Simply slip them under your appliance and push—no heavy lifting required!

2. Lay Down Plywood: If you’re moving heavy appliances across a lawn or an uneven surface, lay down plywood to create a smooth path. It’ll distribute the weight more evenly and prevent any damage.

3. Utilise Moving Blankets or Towels: For small shifts, you can use moving blankets or thick towels to move your appliance away from a wall or across a room. They can serve as a barrier between the floor and the appliance and help prevent scratches.

Remember, protecting your floors is just as important as protecting your appliances when moving. By following these tips, you can ensure your move is smooth and damage-free.

Moving White Goods Smoothly

Don’t let the thought of moving white goods overwhelm you. By taking the necessary steps and having the right resources, you can turn this daunting task into a seamless experience. Smoothmoves is here to support you every step of the way.

With our expertise in handling heavy appliances, we know the ins and outs of moving white goods with precision. Our team is dedicated to making your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. From proper preparation to having the right equipment, we have you covered.

Say goodbye to the anxiety-inducing process of moving large appliances. Smoothmoves is your trusted partner in ensuring a hassle-free move.  Contact us to discover how our services can transform your moving experience. Let us take care of the heavy lifting while you focus on settling into your new home with ease.

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