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Moving With Teens

Last Updated: Thursday, May 5th, 2016

How to make moving smoother for teens..


There’s little doubt that moving can be a difficult time. For teenagers who are already navigating change and their own age-related issues, it can be a particularly tricky time. With a few helpful tips, the whole ordeal can be made much smoother for you and your teens.


Communication Is Key 

Communicating with your teenager is the key to smoothing out the move ahead. There’s a chance your teenager is feeling angry about the move or they’re upset about the prospect of being pulled out of their social circle and thrown into the unknown. Talking about it will help alleviate their anxieties while acknowledging their feelings and anticipating the challenges that lie ahead.


Sell The Destination

Do your research. Make an effort to prepare for your teenager’s reaction to the news. With their interests in mind, jump online or talk to locals about sussing out the teen-friendly aspects of your new neighbourhood. Doing your homework and going out of you way to find the local skatepark, guitar teacher, netball club can go a long way to helping your teen feel included and positive.


Time To Say Goodbye

It’s really important to allow your teenager plenty of time to say goodbye to their friends and family before you move. Give them the freedom to do this in their own time. Plan farewell events or just let them hang out with their nearest and dearest to help facilitate this process. Moving for teenagers can be similar to a grieving process so whatever you do, don’t skip the process of saying goodbye.


Tips For Teens 

Keep a journal: write down your thoughts in the lead up to the move and think about things you’d like to do in the your neighbourhood.

Get Involved: get involved in choosing your new home and pack up your room. This will help connect you to the nearing change and get you physically moving.

Research: take the initiative to find the things you’re interested in exploring when you move. Actively look at how you’re going to connect to your community.

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