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The Art of Self-Storage

Last Updated: Saturday, May 16th, 2015

Outta sight, outta mind. Sometimes storing things can be like magically disappearing objects. So – you have to spend 6 months living at your parent’s house to save up for that trip, you’re being relocated to Timbuktu for a year or you’ve just had a baby and the music room’s gotta go. Whatever the reason you find yourself with a surplus of stuff or too much treasure, smooth moves self-storage is a great solution for keeping things you either want to use later or just because.

Self-Storage is an art. Here are proven pointers for getting it right:



Give some method to the madness

Which sounds better… knowing where all your bits n’ pieces are or going on a blind hunt every time you need something from your self-storage unit. Taking half an hour to plan can save you a world of pain and wild goose chasing for what you put where.



Divide and conquer

When you’re gathering your things for self-storage, approach the task methodically. It’s best to go room by room and chunk the task up into doable parts. Tackling the whole shebang can be overwhelming and ineffective, so start small and you’ll feel more like you’re getting somewhere.



We insist you keep a list

Don’t you hate that feeling when you know you have something but you have no idea where it is? Grab a pen and paper, open a spreadsheet or make a digital photo gallery. Whatever your preferred format – making a list of what you have in self-storage is key. If you’re storing small stuff and boxing up your gear, keep a list of what goes in each box. If you’re storing bigger item, list each piece. Easy now can prevent panic later whether it acts as an inventory list for insurance purposes, or saving you forking out for an item you’ve already got, a simple list goes a long way.



Cluey colour code

If you’re storing smaller stuff in boxes or containers, develop a colour coding system that’ll help you categorise your treasure trove. It’s easy – just assign a colour to each room of your house and then use that colour label on each box or item that belongs in that room. For example, a red label for a box of kitchen implements or a yellow label for a box of stationary and office gear.



Store your list

Don’t be that person that looses the list. Don’t keep it ‘somewhere safe’ (under that rock three metres from the door… or was it four…). Keep your list on your computer or take a photo of your list for safekeeping. Make sure it’s somewhere handy and memorable. Some people attach it to the door of their self-storage unit for safe keeping.

Taking the time to store smart can make your Smoothmooves experience that much better.

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