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Move To: Manly 

Last Updated: Sunday, August 7th, 2016

These three elements are only the few in why Manly is one of the top beach suburbs in Sydney.


Named after the confident and manly behaviour of the local Guringai men upon the arrival of Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788, your new hood is a true geographical and social gem of Sydney. Nestled behind North Head at the southern end of Sydney’s northern beaches, Manly is hive of activity, characterised by its relaxed vibe and beach culture.


Get Active

Once you’ve settled in, Manly is a great location to be active in the outdoors. There’s literally so much to do here. Go for a dip or surf at the beach, walk over to Shelly for a snorkel, get close to nature on North Head, catch some culture at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum, acquire a ticket to the Aquarium, watch whales, jump on a jet boat or just sit in the sun at one of the many sandy spots.


Get Fed

No doubt you’re going to need nourishing during and after your move to Manly. Lucky for you, Manly has no shortage of refill stations. Some of our top picks include Chica Bonita for a tasteful take on mexican cuisine, Papi Chulo for some global cuisine with a great view and In Situ where you can fill up on some tempting tapas and pizza. No matter what type of food takes your fancy, you’ll find a magnificent meal in Manly.


Get Coffee

As Sydney’s insatiable appetite for the perfect coffee continues on its exponential trajectory, Manly throws itself into the fray with a number of class acts offering up a truly competitive cup. One of the first contenders to put their hands up are Barefoot Coffee Traders with their mouthwatering combo of coffee and waffles as well as impressive coffee art skills. Other worthy coffee connoisseurs waiting to take your order include Foundry Fifty Three, Belgrave Cartel and Showbox Coffee.

Kick off your shoes and settle into the sand. Welcome to Manly, you lucky thing.

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