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Can Smoothmoves work with fragile and cumbersome items?

There’s almost nothing Smoothmoves can’t move. Big, heavy, fragile or cumbersome. If it can fit in the truck, we can move it. Smoothmoves has thousands of hours of experience moving fragile and clunky items. With the best boxes available to hire, alongside plenty of bubblewrap and Smoothmoves expertise, we’ll get your fragile belongings to their new home in one piece.

For added peace of mind, consider taking our moving insurance. Visit our Removals Insurance page for more information.

Can Smoothmoves help me with arranging furniture at my new place?

Our dedicated unpacking team can position your furniture in whatever room it’s needed. Smoothmoves also offers Home Organisation Services to transform your home’s tired, redundant areas into organised, productive spaces.

Smoothmoves home organisation services include, but are not limited to:

– Organise and remove unnecessary clutter from pantries, cupboards and kitchen cabinets.
– Organise and manage paperwork like financial records, medical histories and receipts by creating filing systems for simple, intuitive recordkeeping.
– Create displays or archives for sentimental treasures.
– Arranging home offices and optimising small spaces to maximise your productivity.
– Provide you with expert tips and tricks to maintain an organised home.

Take the first step in improving the quality of your home today. Get in touch with our friendly team now for a commitment and cost-free quote.

Can Smoothmoves connect my appliances?

Yes, the dedicated team at Smoothmoves will help you reconnect basic electronics, appliances, and white goods that don’t involve additional plumbing. Check out this blog post for more information about How to Set Up Home Office Electronics Correctly.

Something unexpected happened – how can I inform Smoothmoves of any changes?

If you need to move your date, please contact us as soon as possible so we can reschedule your move to a day that is convenient for you. For cancellations made within 24-hours of your move date, a cancellation fee will charged.

Can I get some money back if Smoothmoves finishes early?

Smoothmoves doesn’t offer fixed removalist quotes. You won’t be charged anything extra until after your move is completed. We charge by the hour (or part hour to the nearest 15 minutes) to ensure you’re charged fairly for the most accurate amount of time we work.

Does Smoothmoves do backloading or interstate relocation?

Smoothmoves does not offer interstate or backloading removalists. Fortunately, we have a few recommendations for the best interstate movers. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Why should I hire a removalist company?

Save yourself the trouble of doing everything yourself. The time and effort it would take the average person to move everything on their own, even with help from friends and family, is often just not worth it.

Smoothmoves employs state-of-the-art equipment, muscles, and experience to make home moving or office removals as smooth as possible. Let us worry about the tight stairways, heavy white goods, and fragile homewares while you focus on settling in.

Keep your focus on what’s been overlooked – utilities, postal and billing address updates, signing real-estate documents, picking-up keys – while we do the heavy lifting.

Contact us today for a commitment-free quote and see what Smoothmoves can do for you!

When should I book my removalist service?

You need two things before you book Smoothmoves – a moving date and a destination.

The average move requires two men and a truck, regardless of whether you are moving around the corner or a few hours away. At Smoothmoves, it doesn’t matter, you tell us the day you need our help, and we’ll be there until all your belongings are safe in your new home, exactly the way you want them.

If you have any questions or want to book your next move, contact our friendly removalists today!

How many online moving quotes should I get?

3 is the magic number for how many moving quotes you need.

Our customers receive a full-service, 5-star smooth move guaranteed. Smoothmoves offers on-site storage, box hire, packing and unpacking services, house cleaning, decluttering, and home organisation.

Give us a call for an obligation-free quote on 1300 122 007, or contact us here!

What additional costs do you charge? Is there a Fuel Levy, or any other hidden costs?

Smoothmoves, much like other Sydney removalists, charge by the hour. You may also be charged a call-out fee or depot fee, which can often come as a shock at the end of your move. Our standard Smoothmoves call-out fee is presented upfront with no additional hidden charges. Moreover, everyone pays the same price no matter how far our head office is from your home.

Every customer that’s located within the suburbs we service pays the same call-out fee regardless of their whereabouts in Sydney. For customers outside our service area, a fuel levy will be charged.

How can I prepare for when removalists arrive?

To avoid wasting your precious time and to ensure we give you the smoothest move possible, here are a few handy tips to speed up the process:

– identify the most convenient location for unloading and loading the truck.
– keep an eye on the weather
– pack your boxes ahead of time
– disassemble any furniture
– do your best to keep small children and pets out of the way – we don’t want anyone getting hurt during the move
– offer to help out if you’re able – many hands make light work, after all

Have a read of our Ultimate Packing Guide for Moving for more expert moving tips.

How long does a removalist take?

No two moves are the same, so timing can be tough to judge, even with decades of experience. While our minimum call-out time is 2 hours on weekdays and 3 hours on weekends, how long it takes us to move all your belongings depends on a variety of factors, including:

– distance
– location
– number of items
– the weight of the load
– access to the property
– weather

To ensure the smoothest move possible for our customers, we work with every one of them to determine the best plan of action to get you relocated. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

What’s the best time of day to move?

Smoothmoves gets started at 7 am every morning, Monday to Saturday. The best time of the day to move is first thing in the morning, which is typically from 7:30 am onwards. By starting early, we can get you unpacked and settled in by the afternoon. And if we can avoid it, we prefer not to move after sundown.

Do I need insurance?

Smoothmoves acknowledges the risk of moving furniture around in trucks for short and long distances. Our relocation and removal services are fully insured and covered by Public Liability, Workers Compensation, Comprehensive Third Party motor vehicle insurance, and fire, flood, collision, and overturning insurance.

Goods in transit insurance cover household items and furniture during transit and can be arranged by our insurance broker or an insurer of your choice. Transit insurance will incur different premiums depending on the location, distance, size and weight.

To contact our insurance broker, visit our Insurance section for more details.

Am I insured for my move?

Smoothmoves is a fully insured removalist company with Public Liability, Workcover, Vehicles and Storage, alongside additional options for full coverage insurance. Please call to discuss options in more detail

How do I move difficult items like pianos, artwork and sculptures etc?

Moving large and cumbersome items takes just as much care and attention as moving anything else. However, depending on how difficult these items are to carry, you may incur additional costs for removing unusual homewares and furniture.

A Smoothmoves’ job in the Northern Beaches “had an Italian bedhead (too large to make it upstairs) lifted carefully using ropes up from the balcony.”

Regarding pianos, you’ll need a specialist moving company. Give us a call so we can walk you through the process, alongside price comparisons, to get you the best deal from a specialist moving company.

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