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10 Moving Tips Most People Overlook

Last Updated: Sunday, February 6th, 2022

We’re obsessed with achieving the smoothest move possible for all our clients and customers. We’re so obsessed that we’ve put together a bunch of articles with professional recommendations. From the 12 Common Moving Mistakes and How To Avoid Making Them to 8 Packing Tips When Moving From An Apartment, it’s safe to say that we’ve covered pretty much all the tips for moving house. And herein lies the problem – what’s been overlooked, what’s been forgotten, and what could cause the biggest headache should you have a memory lapse.

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While some of our moving tips may be obvious, you’d be surprised how often they are still overlooked. If you want the smoothest move possible, keep reading to unearth the top ten details most people overlook when moving home.

1. Make Sure Utilities Will Be Connected On Time

We wish we could wave our magic wand and have you connected as soon as we start the moving process. Essential utilities like electricity and gas are just as important as the boxes and furniture we carry for you. Fortunately, just as Smoothmoves makes it easy to move home, Energy Made Easy makes finding the right energy plan a breeze.

2. Ensure Your Internet Is Connected

We’re more connected than ever, which means getting online is just as important as having your belongings arrive on time. Before we handle the move, you should take the time to find yourself an internet provider.

First, check your address to find out if the nbn™ network is available at your home. Once you’ve confirmed what kind of internet connection you have, it’s time to find an internet provider and ensure it’s connected by the time you move in.

3. Updating Your Postal & Billing Address

With all these utility changes, you’ll want to ensure you don’t miss out on any necessary correspondence. Ensure you’ve updated your postal and billing address across all your services, not just utilities. Think credit cards and online accounts. There’s nothing worse than ordering something online, only to have it delivered to your old address.

4. Fridge Moving Tips

White goods are heavy. Fortunately, the Smoothmoves team is filled to the brim with solid individuals ready to move even the heaviest of items. That being said, there are a few things you can do to make moving white goods easier.

Empty out the fridge to remove unnecessary weight, then leave it to cool down. Make sure to melt any remaining ice in the freezer to prevent leaks during the move. Then give it a good clean using a mixture of baking soda and water. You may even want to chuck some activated charcoal inside to prevent odours.

5. Secure Those Loose Screws

You’re bound to have a few screws to unwind during the move. Keep them safe inside a zip lock bag and tape it down to whatever it belongs to. It’s definitely worth labelling these bags to ensure that everything is organised and ready to install.

6. Cable Management

Similar to our number five moving tip, electronics need to be plugged in, and in these modern times, that means a lot of cables. To avoid confusion when you arrive in your new home, attach your cables to the device it connects to or label them accordingly. If you need further assistance, check out our guide on how to set up home office electronics correctly.

7. Use Suitcases

There’s a reason we pack suitcases for holidays. Packing your clothes and belongings inside any suitcases or bags will make it easier to transport. Another suggestion is to use your suitcases to transport books. Rolling is always easier than lifting. Remember never to pack books spine-up, as the weight can cause tearing.

8. Organise Important Documents

Have all your documents in order before you start the move. Create a folder with all your original documents, take photos, or scan them onto your computer as a backup. Some documents you should consider compiling include medical records, prescriptions, insurance, passports, banking, receipts, instructions, purchase agreements/ contracts and any documents related to moving house.

9. Avoid Empty Space in Boxes

This tip is pretty self-explanatory, and yet we see it often during moves—boxes with empty spaces and items moving all over the place. Avoid loosely packed or unbalanced boxes by filling in the gaps with clothing, towels or packing paper. 

With Smoothmoves, you can order as many boxes as you need, and any that you don’t use won’t be charged. Plus, we even offer second-hand moving boxes for hire that are easy on the environment and your wallet. And for every box you return in good condition to our Brookvale Smoothmoves Depot, we’ll refund you 50% of the cost!

10. Be Nice

We’re not asking to be treated like royalty – our priority is you and your move. That being said, moving house is easier for everyone with a few please and thankyous along the way. Although we’re professional movers, we’re human beings first.

The Smoothest Moving Tips

With these moving tips under your belt, we can make your next move as smooth and efficient as possible. Get in touch with the Smoothmoves team for a commitment-free quote and hire moving boxes in Sydney today!

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