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9 Tips to Make Your Home Sell Quicker

If you’re ready to move into your next house but the only thing stopping you is selling your current one, this blog is for you. You could have everything else sorted, if chosen who will be helping you with the move. But if you can’t sell your current one, you’re going to be stuck for a while.


Containing Your Cables

6 How-To Tips To Pack Electronics & Cables Whilst Moving

You don’t have to tear your hair out over moving- let’s make it as stress-free as possible.

No one likes moving especially with eletronics. It can be quite stressful, and it can lead to some anxiety days before the actual move. 


tax blocks

Are Moving & Relocation Expenses Tax Deductible? What Can I Claim?


How to Pest-Proof Your Home

Moving to a new home is a blend of excitement and anticipation, often overshadowed by the practicalities of relocation. While home removalists can make the transition smoother, and packing and unpacking services can lighten the workload, one aspect that often remains overlooked – pests! Ensuring your new home is a pest-free sanctuary is crucial for a fresh start, especially if you want to avoid calling a professional pest controller. Our home pest control guide will walk you through comprehensive steps to ensure your new abode remains free from uninvited critters.

Ensuring your new home is a pest-free sanctuary is crucial for a fresh start, especially if you want to avoid calling a professional pest controller. Our home pest control guide will walk you through comprehensive steps to ensure your new abode remains free from uninvited critters.

Home Pest Control

Moving homes can be daunting, with many considerations—from choosing the right home removalists to getting your belongings safely packed and unpacked. Home pest control is one critical aspect you shouldn't overlook during relocation. 

Here's a detailed guide on ensuring a pest-free environment in your new home:

Start with a Thorough Clean

Before moving in, thoroughly cleaning the entire home to clear out any lingering pests, eggs, or droppings is essential. If you encounter pests like the German cockroach, consider bringing in German cockroach pest control experts to ensure a comprehensive extermination. But if you’re running short on time, let us organise the move in cleaning for you. 

Give Smoothmoves a call, and we can discuss your cleaning requirements and put you in touch with high-quality cleaning people.

Declutter for Pest-Proofing

Decluttering isn't just about organisation; it's a secret weapon against pests. Removing unused items eliminates potential hiding spots and breeding grounds for rodents, insects, and termites, making your home less appealing to pests. Not sure where to start with your decluttering mission? Let Smoothmoves handle everything. Whether it’s a small space or something more significant that needs some TLC, our team will assess everything in person before supplying a free quote.

We can even help you with donating unwanted items as part of our decluttering services.

Zero in on the Attic and Crawl Spaces

These places are often ignored but are prime locations for pests to breed and hide. Ensure your attic and crawl space are well-insulated, dry, and pest-free. Employ a pest controller to inspect and treat these areas if necessary.

Maintain a Dry Environment

Pests are attracted to moisture. Use dehumidifiers in damp areas or ensure proper ventilation, especially in basements or attics.

Keep Pet Dining Areas Clean

Having a designated space for your pets to eat can help reduce the scattering of food that might attract pests. Ensure the area is cleaned regularly and leftovers aren't left overnight, reducing the risk of home pest control issues.

Use Plastic Containers for Storage

While our reliable and eco-friendly cardboard boxes are fantastic for moving, if you're considering storing items long-term, we recommend using plastic bins, containers, or tubs. Plastic storage solutions can offer an added defence against pests for prolonged periods. When using our cardboard boxes for your move, always inspect your belongings for any signs of pests. And remember, if you return our boxes flat-packed, de-taped, and in good condition to our Brookvale depot, you can enjoy a 50% refund on the cost!

Safe Food Storage

Ensure all your food items, including pet food, are stored in airtight containers. Safe food storage not only keeps them fresh but also prevents attracting pests.

Trim Nearby Tree Branches

Overhanging branches can act as bridges for pests to enter your home. By keeping them trimmed, you reduce this risk significantly.

Maintain Outdoor Spaces

Trim tree branches near your home and ensure proper drainage. Dispose of stagnant water, maintain yard cleanliness, and consider natural repellents like lavender or mint.

Check Wood and Furniture

Before introducing any furniture, especially second-hand furniture, inspect it thoroughly for signs of pest infestations like termites or beetles.

Seal all Entry Points

Pests can intrude through even the smallest gaps. It’s essential to regularly inspect doors, windows, and other openings to ensure they're sealed off.

Ensure Proper Outdoor Drainage

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for pests. Ensure your property has proper drainage and there's no water pooling. Consider adding a water feature or preventive measures to avoid mosquito breeding for garden features like ponds.

Regular Monitoring, Cleaning, and DIY Traps

Stay vigilant for signs of pests. Regular cleaning, maintenance, and simple traps like sticky traps can deter infestations.

Educate & Inform

Ensure all family members are aware of the importance of home pest control. The more vigilant everyone is, the more effective your pest-proofing measures will be.

A pest-free home isn't just about proactive measures—it's about maintaining them. From selecting the ideal home removalist to consistent pest-proof practices, you can ensure a harmonious living space in your new home.

Warning Signs of Pests, Bugs, and Cockroach Infestations in Your Home

Moving into a new place? It’s essential to be vigilant. A reliable home removalist ensures your belongings are pest-free, but your new environment might harbour hidden critters. Here are telltale signs:

1. Presence of Beneficial Insects: 

Insects like spiders or ladybugs may indicate other pests in the vicinity. Their presence often suggests an available food source, warranting a home pest control check.

2. Unexplained Noises in the Walls or Attic: 

Sounds of tapping, rustling, or scuttling can hint at rodents or even termites. If this is the case, it's time to consult a pest controller.

3. Mud Tubes on External Walls: 

If you spot mud formations near your home's base, it might indicate termites. Prompt action with German cockroach pest control or termite measures is crucial.

4. Dead Bugs Indoors: 

Finding dead insects regularly, especially near light sources, could signal an infestation. It’s a clear call to action for home pest control.

5. Structural Weaknesses in Your Home: 

Sagging floors and peeling paint aren't just signs of aging. They might also suggest pest damage, making a professional assessment essential.

6. Persistent Unusual Odors: 

Musty, distinct smells, particularly in darker and moist areas, can indicate pests like cockroaches.

For peace of mind post-move, consider our home removalist services. If you’re gearing up for another shift, our packing and unpacking solutions ensure a smooth, pest-free transition.

Protecting Your Furniture: Pest Prevention During Your Move

When acquiring furniture, particularly second-hand items, it's essential to prevent pest infestations like termites or beetles. These pests can cause significant harm to your belongings and your new living space. At Smoothmoves, we prioritise a seamless transition and the protection of your possessions from unwelcome intruders.

Termites' Impact on Australian Homes

Did you know termites cost Australian households over $3.9 billion in damages annually? Subterranean termites, especially, pose a threat to homes. Repairs for termite damage can reach $18,000 to $50,000 per property, as estimated by the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association.

Vigilance with Smoothmoves Protection

At Smoothmoves, we prioritise your move's success and your possessions' safety. By meticulously inspecting furniture and wood for potential pests, you proactively prevent costly property damage. Whether you're considering new or second-hand furniture, a comprehensive examination can save you from infestations and their financial burden.

Remember, investing time in inspection now leads to fewer expenses and less stress in the future. Ensure your treasured belongings' lasting quality with Smoothmoves by your side.

Keeping Pests Out While You Move In

Ensuring your new home remains a bastion of comfort means more than just settling in; it's about active prevention against pests. Incorporating pest-proofing strategies from day one guarantees a pest-free environment. Remember, moving is a journey. With the right home removalist and diligent pest-proofing practices, it can be a pleasant adventure leading to a harmonious living experience.

Final Thought: Protecting your home from pests is a perpetual commitment. As the old saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure." So, whether it's pest-proofing advice or trusted packing and unpacking services, Smoothmoves is here to assist you. Contact us today for a seamless transition to your new home.

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